Maria Grazia Busà - Associate Professor

Office Address    Dip. Studi Linguistici e Letterari (DISLL)
  Polo Beato Pellegrino, Via E. Vendramini, 13,
35137 Padova
Telephone    049-8279763
  Research Interests
My research focuses on second-language speech and communication, and is aimed at understanding how foreign accent, L2 prosody, and non-verbal language affect intelligibility in interactions with or between second-language speakers. I’m particularly interested in investigating how speakers’ use of non-native speech and non-verbal language in the L2 leads to pragmatic failure. I’m also interested in public speaking and in developing teaching methods for speaking in public based on research on human communication and non-verbal language. I have carried out extensive research investigating the acoustic, perceptual and aerodynamic characteristics of sound patterns in a variety of languages as part of a goal to explore variation in speech and its relation to linguistic sound change.

  Research projects
I'm currently working with Federica Cavicchio on a project investigating the alignment of gestures and intonational boundaries in L2, and with Alice Cravotta on the effects of the use of gestures on voice and prosody.

  Selected publications