Maria Teresa Musacchio - Associated Professor

Office Address    Dip. Studi Linguistici e Letterari
  Polo Beato Pellegrino, Via E. Vendramini, 13,
35137 Padova
Telephone  049-8279758
  Research Interests
I am Associate Professor of English language, linguistics and translation at the University of Padova, where I lecture in English for special purposes (ESP), translation and terminology in programmes from bachelors through masters to doctoral level. My research activity lies within the field of intercultural communication and LSP translation, with particular focus on communication in special languages (LSPs), corpus-based studies, contrastive analysis of English and Italian LSP communication and terminology, and the public communication of science.

  Research projects
I am currently working on LSP text complexity, reading and translation, corpus-based analyses of the language of popular science and the use of discourse markers in translated texts with a focus on the language of economics and physics. On 1st April 2014, together with Maria Grazia Busà, I started working on Slandail – Security System for Language and Image Analysis, a three-year European Union FP7 Project where I study the language used in disaster management with a view to establishing good language practices in emergencies in English, Italian and German. I translated university textbooks on economics, popular science and history books and worked on monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. In particular, I edited the economic vocabulary included in the Ragazzini English-Italian/Italian-English dictionary published by Zanichelli. In 1993 I won the Monselice Luigi Radici prize for scientific translation.

  Selected Publications

Musacchio M.T. (2017). Translating Popular Science. Padova, Cleup.
Musacchio M.T., Palumbo G. (2015). Exploring the (in)accessibility of science: A study of cohesion in Scientific American articles on particle physics and their Italian translations. In F. Poppi and J. Schmied (eds.) Tracking Language Change in Specialized and Professional Genres. Roma: Officina Edizioni, pp. 63-76.
Musacchio M.T., Corbolante C. (2015). Towards a ‘social’ history of terms in computing and economics for translation-oriented terminography. Mediazioni, 16, 1-33.
Musacchio M.T. (2013) Discovery or revelation? On metaphor in the language of physics. In M. Prandi, A. Giaufret, M. Rossi (eds.) Il ruolo della metafora nella creazione di terminologie, Genova: De Ferrari, pp. 77-95.