About us

IASEMS – Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies

IASEMS was born on 29 July 2008 in Bologna. The statute of the Association was signed by Carla Dente, Paola Pugliatti, Sara Soncini, Mariangela Tempera, Romana Zacchi.

IASEMS hopes to become the home of all scholars and students working within early modern English Studies, and to involve in its projects theatre and cinema professionals, and all those who are interested in the Renaissance in Europe.

IASEMS Executive Board 2015-2018:

Alessandra Petrina (President)
Donatella Pallotti (Vice President)
Giuliana Iannaccaro (Treasurer)
Laura Tosi (Secretary)
Mariacristina Cavecchi (Communication Manager)

IASEMS Executive Board 2012-2015:

Alessandra Petrina (President)
Donatella Pallotti (Vice President)
Maurizio Ascari(Treasurer)
Maria Cristina Cavecchi (Secretary)
Laura Tosi

IASEMS Executive Board 2009-2012:

Carla Dente (president)
Romana Zacchi (vice-president)
Maurizio Ascari (treasuiarer)
Sara Soncini (secretary)
Maddalena Pennacchia

IASEMS Executive Board 2008-2009:

Carla Dente (president)
Paola Pugliatti
Sara Soncini (secretary)
Mariangela Tempera
Romana Zacchi

Past IASEMS Conferences:

  • Catania 2016: official conference website
  • Bergamo 2015: poster - programme - website
  • Lecce 2014: poster - programme - website
  • Padua 2013: programme - photo gallery
  • Pisa 2012: programme
  • Rome 2011: programme
  • Bologna 2010: poster - programme