The primary aim of IASEMS is to promote the study and research on Shakespeare's works in the context of Renaissance culture and, more in general, the study of English culture in the Early Modern period, including its relationship with the European culture of its times.

The research endorsed by the association includes both the study of Shakespeare's works as a combination of the classical and popular culture available in his times, and the tradition of their reception in Europe. That is why his name is part of the denomination of the association.

We are convinced that, beside having a central role in the English culture, Shakespeare plays also a fundamental part in the national cultures of Europe; his works reflect a synthesis – which is yet to be fully investigated – of the ideas produced by Renaissance culture in many European countries.

The Association aims to bring out the specific Italian contribution to research on Shakespeare's work and thought, also by investigating his relations with Italian literary and dramatic culture, which has been getting more and more significant thanks to translations, criticism, rewritings, plays and adaptations.

Statute of the Association (English) 

Statute of the Association (Italian)

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