Preliminary programme

The abstracts of the conference presentations can be downloaded HERE

The provisional programme of the conference can be downloaded HERE

Some of the conference delegates' presentations can be found HERE

Considerations in Assessing Pragmatic Appropriateness in Spoken Language - Andrew D. Cohen

Exploring ways in which being a native or a nonnative teacher may influence the teaching of target-language pragmatics - Andrew D. Cohen

On the implementation of pragmatic awareness in teaching English as a foreign language - Piotr Cap

Developing pragmatic skills in Portuguese as Foreign Language A level groups: A case study in Porto (Portugal) - Ângela Carvalho

Exploring L2 pragmatic development during study abroad through a mixed-methods approach - Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández

Corpus pragmatics and prosody in L1-L2 interaction… or how to avoid misunderstanding, if you want… - Jesus Romero-Trillo

Emblematic gestures in intercultural communication: how the learning context and teaching practice influence the coding and decoding of emblems by foreign learners - Diana Peppoloni

Daring to refer to the addressee: finnish speakers’ requestsin L2 French - Tuuli Holttinen

Last-minute cancellation as a (non) refusal strategy: A cross-cultural comparison of Colombian and Italian sociopragmatic norms - Elena Nuzzo

“If you don’t learn what’s wrong and what’s right, you’ll do something wrong without knowing it.” Exploring young Norwegian EFL learners’ metapragmaticdevelopment - Milica Savic, Anders Myrset

Assessing the effectiveness of “immediacy” in university classes in Canada and in Italy
Giuliana Salvato

The Linguistic Expressions of Disagreement in Jordanian Arabic: A Pragmatic Study
Nisreen N. Al-Khawaldeh, Hala Abu-Hejleh

Pragmatic Competence in English-Language Class Discussions - Marcella Caprario

Fostering pragmatic skills and developing intercultural awareness in the classroom: the case of authentic materials - Elisabetta Pavan

"Try to say things straight, without being offensive, obviously”: the pragmatics of online peer review Fiona Dalziel