Università di Padova

Medieval Translator 2010
In principio fuit interpres

The Cardiff Conference on the Theory and Practice of Translation in the Middle Ages

To be hosted by the Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
July 23-27 July, 2010

Linguistic and literary traditions include translation in their myth of origin – thus the linguistic and scholar Gianfranco Folena proposed to substitute the motto In principio fuit poëta with the humbler In principio fuit interpres. Following his suggestion, we welcome papers addressing translation in the Middle Ages, marking the relationship between classical, Middle Eastern and vernacular languages, and studying translation as the representation of ideas and texts in different media.

Plenary speakers: Roger Ellis, Domenico Pezzini, David Wallace.

Papers may be given in English, French, or Italian, and should be twenty minutes long.

Please send a 500-word abstract and brief curriculum vitae by 31 August 2009 to:

Alessandra Petrina and Monica Santini
Dipartimento di Lingue e Lett. Anglo-Germaniche e Slave
Via Beato Pellegrino, 26
35100 Padova, Italy

Or as an email attachment to both these e-mail addresses:

Further information about the conference will be available in Spring 2009.

Following previous practice, it is planned to publish a book of selected papers in the peer-reviewed Medieval Translator series (Brepols) following the conference.

The European Society for Textual Scholarship
Sixth International Conference

Texts beyond Borders: Multilingualism and Textual Scholarship

Academy for Science and the Arts (KVAB), Brussels, Belgium November 19-21, 2009

Deadline for proposals: 31 May 2009

Contacts between languages, especially translations, have always played a crucial role in the making of European culture, from Antiquity until today. Bilingual or multilingual documents, literary works created in another language than their creators’ mother tongue, translations and translated texts are special textual objects which require appropriate editorial treatment. The conference will explore how textual scholarship responds to multilingualism in its various forms. For suggested topics click here.

The programme chairs invite the submission of proposals for full panels or individual papers devoted to the discussion of current research into different aspects of textual work, preferably focusing on the topics mentioned above.

A selection of papers will be published in Variants: The Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship. Proposals and abstracts (250 words) should be submitted electronically to:

Caroline Macé, University of Leuven,
Dirk Van Hulle, University of Antwerp,

Webmaster: Monica Santini