Methodological Persepctive on Second Language Prosody - Papers from ML2P 2012

Methodological Perspective on Second Language Prosody

Papers from ML2P 2012



Editors: Maria Grazia Busà, Antonio Stella

ISBN: 9788861299375

Publisher: CLEUP



Online version:

How credible is a non-native speaker? Prosody and surroundings [PDF]
Anna de Meo

Transplanting native prosody into second language speech [PDF]
Massimo Pettorino, Marilisa Vitale

Testing the perception of L2 intonation [PDF]
Barbara Gili Fivela

Intonational variations in focus marking in the English spoken by North-East Italian speakers [PDF]
Maria Grazia Busà, Antonio Stella

The effect of prosody on the acquisition of morphemes: An experimental study with German, Italian and German-Italian children [PDF]
Anne Gwinner, Sascha Gaglia, Janet Grijzehnout

Articulatory timing of tones in L2 German intonation [PDF]
Antonio Stella

The application of AMPER framework to the study of L2 prosody. Intonational native-likeness of Romanian migrants living in Parma [PDF]
Maria Chiara Felloni, Daniele Avesani

From prosodic skills to L2 reading proficiency: An experimental approach to L2 phonetics teaching methods [PDF]
Charlotte Alazard, Corine Astésano, Michel Billières

French prosody of Italian speakers: Characteristics and didactic inputs [PDF]
Magali Boureux

Prosodic interference in L2 French spoken by Italians: The role of tonal alignment and rhythmic structure [PDF]
Rossana Cavone, Mariapaola D'Imperio

Can a guided rhythmic approach contribute to the oral performance of learners of L2 English? A case study [PDF]
Francis Picavet, Véronique Aubergé, Solange Rossato

Pitch range in L1/L2 English. An analysis of F0 using LTD and linguistic measures [PDF]
Martina Urbani

The contribution of word stress and vowel reduction to the intelligibility of the speech of French Canadian second language learners of English [PDF]
Andrée Lepage, Johanna-Pascale Roy

The impact of prosody in foreign accent detection. A perception study of Italian accent in English [PDF]
Luca Rognoni

The role of exposure to second language on the development of prosodic competence. The case of English [PDF]
Elisa Pellegrino, Luisa Salvati, Marilisa Vitale, Margaret Rasulo

The role of prosody in pronunciation teaching: A growing appreciation [PDF]
Maria Grazia Busà

Some epistemological suggestions from L2 prosodies [PDF]
Domenico Di Russo, Domenico Russo