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Chair: F. Cavicchio

Chair: M. Gullberg

Chair: P. Prieto Vives


Wendy Sandler

(Haifa University)

The Linguistic Organization of the Body in Sign Language

Pilar Prieto Vives

(ICREA -Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Prosody and gesture as encoders of pragmatic meaning and social action

Isabella Poggi

(UniversitĂ  di Roma 3)

The richness of the body. An agenda for research on multimodality in the hearing’s communication

10.30 11.00




Sign Language (Formal approaches )

Chair: K. Emmorey

Multimodality (2)

Chair: M. G. BusĂ 


Chair: B. Tversky

11.00 11.20

N.Caselli, R. Ergin, R. Jackendoff, A.M. Cohen-Goldberg

(Tufts University)

The Emergence of Phonological Structure in Central Taurus Sign Language

B. Tversky (Columbia/Stanford), S. Kang (Arizona State University),
J. Black (Columbia Teachers College)

Coordinating Gesture, Speech, and Diagrams in Explanations

Z. Camargo, T. Rodrigues Freitas, S. Madureira

(SĂŁo Paulo University)

Visual and vocal cues in signaling voice qualities

11.20 11.40

V. Aristodemo (CNRS Paris/Ca’ Foscari), C. Geraci (CNRS Paris)

Handshape in Italian Sign Language

F. Cavicchio (CIMEC – Università di Trento), S. Kita (University of Warwick)

Spoken and gesture expression of Manner- incidental and Manner-causal events in English and Italian

M. A. Souza Fontes, S. Madureira

(SĂŁo Paulo University)

Facial and vocal gestures in the speech expression of emotions

11.40 12.00

P. Rutkowski, A. Kuder, J. Filipczak,

P. Mostowski

(Warszaw University)

Headshakes in Polish Sign Language. A corpus-based study

S. González-Fuente (Universitat Pompeu Fabra),

M.V. Escandell-Vidal (UNED),

P. Prieto Vives (ICREA – Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Gestural codas lead to the interpretation of irony

P. Christensen, K. Tylén

(Aarhus University)

The impact of event structure on emerging gestural communication systems

12.00 12.10




12.10 12.30

S. Fontana

(UniversitĂ  di Catania)

Gestural and prosodic functions of mouth patterns in Italian Sign Language (LIS)

H. Chen (Nanjing University),

H. Zuo (Nanjing University),

Y. Gu (Tilburg University)

Alignment between gesture and intonation in narrative production

M. Ingleby, F. Baothman, S. Buhari, A. Almarzuki

(King Abdulaziz University)

Sign recognition and non-verbal communication with robots

12.30 12.50

M. Blondel (CNRS/Paris 8,)

D. Boutet (CNRS/Paris 8),

S. DĂ©lacroix (LAM)

Looking for Prosodic Patterns in LSF

I. Lorenzini, F. Nicolai

(UniversitĂ  di Pisa)

Hand Gestures in CAS

Bjørn Wessel-Tolvig

(Copenhagen University)

A qualitative study of Italian boundary crossing situations in speech and gestures

12.50 13.10

S. Ulfsbjorninn

(SOAS London)

Features and Modality

M. Urbani

(UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Padova)

What pitch range dimensions tell us. The case of Italian and American English

G. De Gregoris

(UniversitĂ  di Trieste)

Voice and sense in a subjective assessment of TV broadcast

13.10 13.20




13.20 14.50





Chair: A. Baroni

Chair: W. Sandler

Chair: I. Poggi

14.50 15.10

S. Ruvoletto

(Paris 8)

How French syllabic pattern still influences children in primary school

Karen Emmorey

(LLCN – San Diego State University)

Code-blending and co-speech gesture in bimodal bilinguals

Marianne Gullberg

(Lund University)

Why gestures are not (only) a compensatory device – evidence from language learners

15.10 15.30

G. Enguehard

(Paris 7)

Do we need a stress tier in CVCV?

15.30 15.50

P. Droste

(MĂĽnster University)

The functional grounding of phonetic variation patterns in spontaneous German

15.50 16.00




16.00 16.20


Multimodality (1)

Chair: A. Baroni


Chair: P. Rutkowski

Gestures in Narration and Teaching Chair: M. Ueyama

16.20 16.40

M. Tagarelli De Monte

(Università di Roma 3 – Istituto Statale per sordi di Roma)

“Mode mixing” in the written production of deaf signers

B. Giustolisi, S. Sulpizio, R. Job

(UniversitĂ  di Trento)

The interaction of segmental and suprasegmental information.

B. Dudeva

(Medical University, Sofia)

Gestures and second language teaching of medical university students: A study

16.40 – 17.00

F. Chiu (UCL),
S. Ulfsbjorninn (SOAS London)

Language-specificity in the McGurk Effect

E. Navarrete (UniversitĂ  di Padova),

M. Miozzo (Columbia University),

L. Lerose, F. Peressotti (UniversitĂ  di Padova)

The dynamics of lexical access in sign production

L. Vincze

(UniversitĂ  di Macerata)

I. Poggi

(UniversitĂ  di Roma 3)

Multimodal vagueness in dreams. A comparative study between Italian and Swedish

17.00 17.20

Bi Ran

(Jiangsu Normal University)

A crosslinguistic study on audiovisual prosody

N. Caselli, A. M. Cohen-Goldberg

(Tufts University)

Lexical access in sign perception: A computational model

S. Soulaine

(Université Catholique de l’Ouest)

Movement, gesture and drama for langage acquisition - body and oral dynamics

17.20 17.30




17.30 17.50

D. Veronesi

(Libera UniversitĂ  di Bolzano)

The role of depictive gestures in learning how to make music together

A. Petrova (UniversitĂ  di Padova),

M. Miozzo (Columbia University),

S. Fischer-Baum (Rice University)

F. Peressotti (UniversitĂ  di Padova)

Positional effects in short term memory for the deaf

S. McCafferty

(University of Nevada),

A. Rosborough

(Brigham Young University)

Contingent teaching: Multimodal pedagogy in an elementary classroom

17.50 18.10

C. Dodane (CNRS/Montpellier 3),
A. Morgenstern (Paris 3),

P. Beaupoil (Paris 3),
A. del RĂ© (UNESP),
D. Boutet (CNRS/Paris 8)

The role of gesture and prosody in children’s pathway to negation

G. Petitta, A. Di Rienzo, O. Capirci

(ISTC – CNR Roma)

Co-signed and co-speech gestures

M. Boureux

(UniversitĂ  di Padova)

Gestures and speech interactions in L2 phonetic integration activities with verbo-tonal method

18.10 18.20





Social Dinner