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Giovedì Ottobre 13, 2011 5:04 PM


Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Anglo-Germaniche e Slave

Seminar, 14-15 October 2011

Palazzo del Bo - Archivio Antico
via VIII Febbraio, 2 - Padova

The seminar aims to give those interested in the role of theatre in university second language education the opportunity to share their research, ideas and practical experiences. These could range from the use of drama techniques such as improvisation in the communicative language classroom to full-scale production of theatrical works, and may relate to the teaching of any modern language. Participants will be able to explore the relationship between theatre and language curricula from a number of different perspectives and reflect on the power of the stage in fostering language and intercultural learning.


Invited speakers

Lorna Carson, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, USA

Andrea Pennacchi, Actor and playwright, Padua, Italy


Dramatic Interludes by Pierantonio Rizzato, Actor and director, Padua, Italy








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