Regulations regarding Documentation


Il University Regulations contain information about the structure and rules regarding the Doctoral Programme as well as about contact persons and deadlines. The Regulations may be found at:
Regolamento di Ateneo per i Corsi di Dottorato di ricerca


Research trips financed by the Doctoral Programme must first be authorised and the relevant form signed by a) the thesis supervisor, b) the head of the disciplinary area of the doctoral student, c) the coordinator.
If the trip is to be financed by means of CARIPARO funds only the signatures of the supervisor and coordinator are required. CARIPARO funds are assigned ad personam and therefore the Administrative Secretary will check whether or not funding is available.
If research trips are financed by the supervisor or by other members of the academic staff, the signatures of the member of staff providing funding and that of the coordinator are required.

The heads of the 6 disciplinary areas are:

  • English and German Linguistics, Philology and Literature: Professor Coronato
  • Classical Philology: Professor Losacco
  • Slavistics: Professor Possamai
  • Romance Studies: Professor Barbieri
  • Italian Studies: Professor Zinato
  • Linguistics: Professor Poletto.
These procedures regard what has to be done before a research trip. On returning, the doctoral student has to take all necessary documentation to the Department Administrative Offices.
If the period of time spent abroad exceeds 20 days, the doctoral student will be able to benefit from a scholarship increase. As long as this period does not exceed 6 months in all, the student will have to take the form signed by his/her supervisor and by the coordinator to the Research Office.
If the period exceeds 6 months, it must be authorised by the supervisor, and by the Doctoral Board of Teachers/Committee.


Any paid work undertaken by the doctoral student must be approved by the Doctoral Committee. The student’s request should be sent to the Committee by the coordinator with the supervisor’s agreement.
The Committee will decide whether the proposed work is compatible with the demands of the student’s doctoral studies. For those students receiving a scholarship, the wage should not exceed that of the scholarship.